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Welcome to the Ivernia Music website. This site has evolved into a place where I explore a wide variety of musical interests and projects.

As a conductor and musician I have been lucky to work with some amazing people, and to discover all kinds of music from symphonic, to opera, to musical theatre, to contemporary, to jazz. My fiddle playing, especially during my time in Berlin, brought me into the world of improvisation and bands - it was amazing to let loose on stage and just be a rockstar (well that's how it seemed in my mind at least!)

I've been also playing more piano, and improvising - discovering some amazing people sharing their talent on YouTube and through online courses. Alongside this, I've been discovering the world of photography!

Through this site I'll be sharing videos and content where I explore a wide array of musical topics -  conducting, composition (my own and others), fiddle playing from Ireland and all over, improvisations and ideas on music and the world. 

Thank you for dropping by and happy exploring!!

All the best , Sinead



I'm an Irish conductor, fiddle player and composer with a very wide range of musical interests!  From Brahms to to Boulez, I've been lucky enough to discover a broad range of music from the inside out, through my work as a conductor. 

My initial grounding in classical and Irish traditional music has opened so many doors, and the exploration continues. A slight (8 year!) detour into the world of structural engineering also added to the tapestry.

The projects and ideas on this website are a bit like a window into my brain - so have a nose around! If you want to find out more about me as a conductor, check out my more formal conducting  website here: www.sineadhayes.net




Gentle piano music, with ethereal sonic elements. A change in direction compositionally. More soon....



Learn to conduct Offenbach's Infernal Galop (Can Can!)

If you've ever been curious about what conductors do, I have put together a short conducting lesson for the lovely people at Northern Ireland Opera. I will be expanding the series on my own channel. Don't forget to subscribe for more videos!



Here are some other topics, projects and generally interesting bits and pieces I'm working on or studying!
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Find links to my own compositions, improvisations and reharmonisations of Irish trad tunes and airs here


Find links to notes on the pieces, concepts and ideas I'm currently working on here.


Find links to the videos and sheetmusic for my Irish tune playalong series here



This is an uncertain time for all musicians. If you are in a position to support me and my work, I would be very grateful. 

Thank you!



If you are interested in getting in touch with your suggestions and requests I would love to hear from you!


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