After almost 12 years of NOT COMPOSING!!! I have started again!

My last major composition project was in 2008, when I scored the music for a production of The Tempest, which ran for a month in London. That feels like a VERY long time ago!

Since then I've been absorbing, and procrastinating - a lot of procrastinating!

I've been listening to a lot of Nils Frahm and Max Richter - as an antidote to these uncertain times, and have been improvising.

Below is my first output in a long time. More will follow.



Arrangement for fiddle and piano with effects

This is the first in a series of videos exploring contemporary Irish traditional tunes and their composers. This fantastic reel Splendid Isolation has been great fun to arrange. I have explores modes, register, and use of the delay effect on Cubase, as well as continuing to develop my piano improv skills!

The playalong video is dedicated to the memory of the tune's composer, Brendan McGlinchey, who sadly passed away in April 2020.



Piano Improvisation

It's been a very strange time. I find my self knocking around the house and garden, with a lot of memories, and a lot of time to think back. This piano improvisation, and the associated images are a response to these strange times. The title refers to the stories locked within objects as they are encountered in various contexts.


©2020 by Ivernia Music. 
Dedicated to the memory of musician and composer Micheál O'Súilleabháin

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